About US

Happy Valley Kindergarten was established in 1978 and is set in a pleasant natural environment, adjacent to Field Creek, a public reserve and a number of walking trails and parks, which are utilised in the preschool program. This setting provides many learning opportunities for children to explore the natural environment. The kindergarten has recently undergone a redevelopment of the outdoor learning environment to promote children’s learning dispositions and improve learning outcomes through the incorporation of play-based learning in nature. Happy Valley Kindergarten is also located adjacent to the Happy Valley Community Children’s Centre.

Happy Valley Kindergarten Philosophy Statement

"Belonging to a learning community. Being who we are. Becoming anything we want to be."

At Happy Valley Kindergarten, we believe that all children are capable and competent learners who are individual, unique, curious, and seek to belong, understand, and develop. We believe that respectful and reciprocal relationships underpin everything we do, and that they are fundamental to a child’s development. We believe children develop knowledge and understanding of their world through collaborative hands-on experiences. Parents and families are the child’s first teachers, so through clear and open communication, we work in partnership to ensure decision making is made in collaboration to achieve the best possible outcomes for children. We want our children to develop dispositions for learning such as resilience, independence, persistence, curiosity, problem-solving, risk-taking, and collaboration. Therefore, by using the environment as the third teacher, we provide our children with a high quality play based curriculum that reflects their interests, and provokes wonder, discovery, excitement, challenge, and fun.